By Jana Dechosa 

In an Adamson student’s vocabulary, “klasmeyt” is defined as the term we use to approach our schoolmates. Wherever you are on campus, you can hear someone will use this even if they are not real classmates. This call sign was started by an Electronics Engineering student way back in the year 2000 who used to call the Mass Communication student that he liked until some Adamsonians used it too and it became part of the Adamsonian culture. Even if you are in the first year, it doesn’t make you feel afraid to socialize with other students because you can feel that you are home. It builds up the whole community with camaraderie, solidarity, and respect.

The Adamsonian community follows the teachings of St. Vincent De Paul, the University’s patron saint. When you need help, Klasmeyt will always be there to lend a helping hand and serve those who are in need. Last October 28, 2022, Typhoon Paeng hit several areas in the Philippines which Metro Manila became Signal no. 3. The Paeng death toll rose to 101, and caused residents to climb to the roof of their flooded houses waiting to be rescued. Different student organizations from Adamson University conducted a Donation Drive to help fellow “klasmeyts” who are affected by the calamity. This has also been part of the Adamsonian culture every time there is a catastrophe or even on an ordinary day, there are student volunteers and student assistants who are willing to give service and care for those in need. It is just the Vincentian spirit that we place in our acts and hearts. The word “klasmeyt” is not only about encouraging everyone to treat as a family but also defining it as the responsible leaders of the society. These practices show as a mark of a true Adamsonian that inspires and empowers others to become agents of change.