Adamson University heralds systemic change beyond the four walls of classroom instruction. Being a Catholic and a Vincentian University, administrators, teachers, co-academic personnel, students and alumni heed to the call of charity and compassion especially to the socially disadvantaged. Through the Integrated Community Services (ICES), they continue to reach out to community partners and beneficiaries.

Through its Summer School of Life Program and the different colleges, departments, offices and organizations of the university network work collaboratively to provide a holistic service to their adopted communities of the Provinces of Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan. 

Jointly, faculty and students of the College of Law extend paralegal special courses to the leaders in the different adopted communities on issues like Human Rights, Anti-Violence Against Women and Children, barangay conciliation, and labor management. 

Financial and entrepreneurial literacy programs which are the flagship projects of the College of Business Administration are supplemented by technology-based livelihood and skills trainings spearheaded by the College of Science, to the adopted communities. Creative livelihood project workshops like dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner and detergent powder making are promoted to help the communities in their income-generating ventures in projects implemented by the Chemical Engineering Department.

To support the wellness of the community, the College of Pharmacy holds drug formulation and herbal supplement making courses using sources found in the communities.

Continuing education on mental health and disability concerns is a continuing initiative of the University’s Psychology Department to the constituents of the communities. 

The College of Engineering provides the widest array of technical skills training to the communities, starting with basic carpentry, practical knowledge on electrical wiring installation and electronics trouble shooting, welding technology and geohazard, energy and environment conservation. Basic computer skills on adobe Photoshop, computer hardware troubleshooting and knowledge on digital marketing were also part of their outreach programs. 

The College of Architecture works with the communities in teaching them basic drafting skills, especially enhancing their carpentry knowledge.

The College of Architecture works with the communities in teaching them basic drafting skills, especially enhancing their carpentry knowledge.

Meanwhile, the College of Education and Liberal Arts train volunteer teachers in the community-based Day Care Program in the development of lessons and activities for the learners. The volunteer teachers are also being trained on the different methods and strategies of teaching and values education. The Communication Department gives lecture on Visual and Performing Arts while the faculty members of the Social Science Department educate leaders of the adopted communities on the principles of good governance.

As a support to the colleges, co-academic offices like the Guidance and Counselling Office and Library Services do their share by providing trainings for community-based Volunteer Librarians and Counselors.

Inspired by St. Vincent de Paul whose lords and masters are the poor, Adamson University is in the forefront of giving support to those who have less, enjoining all its stakeholders to be one in this cause.

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