COMIUCAP announces that the Sixth World Congress of the network will take place in Manila at the t (UST), one of oldest institutions of Higher Education in Asia, from November 16-18, 2022. The event was originally scheduled to take place on occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the arrival of the Christian faith in the Philippines. However, due to the many uncertainties and limitations caused by the eruption of the global pandemic associated with Covid-19, the Congress had to be adjourned until the present date. – Here is the program

The topic of our Sixth World Congress is Faith, Reason, and Dialogue and takes into account not just the recurrent debate between Faith and Reason across history but also the progressive discovery of the fundamental role that Philosophy plays (has played and needs to play) in the theological self-understanding of the Church as a communio of disciples of Jesus Christ in/across the world. It is through a growing interaction of Faith and Reason that we can understand not just the process of conversion of the Roman Empire to the Christian faith but even more so the progressive Christianization of Europe and, consequently, with the arrival of the Age of Discoveries, the global impact of Christianity across the world. Aim of the congress, therefore, is to reflect on how local cultures and traditions are transformed by means of the encounter with the kerygma of the Christian faith.

Since the closing of the Council Vatican II, the Church has being facing multiple challenges related to her aggiornamento while at the same time enabling sustainable opportunities for mutual and self-understanding in terms of both the ecumenical movement and the opening to the experience of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues. In recent years, numerous documents of the Church have emphasized the importance of dialogue grounded on faith and reason, among which we find the decree Ad Gentes, the declaration Nostra Aetate, the apostolic exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi and the Encyclicals Redemptoris Missio and, for us most importantly, the Encyclical Fides et Ratio. Faith, Reason and Dialogue constitute in the Church inextricable elements when it comes not just to her theological self-understanding but, perhaps even more so, when the challenges at hand are those connected with her mission in the world of today.

Hence, it is in the spirit of dialogue that COMIUCAP invites Scholars from around the world to participate | attend the Sixth World Congress of the network in Manila on Faith, Reason, and Dialogue. As such, the Congress pursues the commemorative spirit of the 500th Jubilee Year of the arrival of the Christian Faith in the Archipelago while at the same time calls attention to the vitality of both Philosophy and Catholic Higher Education in the Philippines. Our purpose, furthermore, is to foster a philosophical attitude centered on the importance of listening to the cultural and civilizational contributions of Asia and the development of an intersubjective attitude focused on the mutual transformation that always derives from authentic encounters among representatives from different cultures and visions of the world. Scholars (and Students) from all continents are indeed invited to join in a constructive exchange of positions and ideas around not just the issues pertaining to the articulation of Faith and Reason, but also in the development of stronger dialogical attitudes. Understood as a privileged space for listening and interacting with cultures different from one’s own, the Congress aims at contributing to the main goals of (professional) philosophy and the demands it puts in terms of international cooperation and friendship.The Congress will be in a hybrid format so that participation can easily be made possible for philosophers and other interested persons from around the world still unable to travel internationally. Comiucap and the University of Santo Tomas look forward to welcoming professors and students from Universities, Catholic and non, across the world to take part in this Congress either in person or in telematic form.

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