De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) College of Law has reached another milestone as it ranked third nationwide in the 2020-2021 Bar Examinations for schools with 51-100 examinees. 

In the recently concluded Bar exam, 53 aspiring law students from DLSL took their chances despite the current challenges in education. Of the 53, the school produced 49 new attorneys boasting a 92.45% passing rate according to the results that were released last April 12, 2022.

Historic Performance in a Historic Bar Exam

It’s not just the DLSL’s student performance that’s noteworthy. The recent Bar exam is tagged as being the biggest so far. 11,402 aspiring lawyers took the challenge and 8,241 passed, totaling a 72.28% passing rate. This is the highest passer turnout since 1954. 

Additionally, the recently concluded Bar exam is also the first-ever digital Bar exam. It was administered in 31 local testing sites which included DLSL. The school hosted the bar exam from February 4 to 6.