Since 2014, Theophane Venard School of Biotechnology, Assumption University of Thailand has started the annual academic project entitled “Earthworms Culture Training for Community,” operated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Viyada Kunathigan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Tatsawan Tipvarakarnkoon.

The “Earthworm Project for Sustainable Agriculture” vermiculture workshop was conducted at O-Farm at Suvarnabhumi. The participants included the organic farmers’ community led by Mr. Kantapong Kaewkamol and her team members. The workshop was also broadcasted through the Facebook page of O-Farm (

This workshop aims to support the farmers’ community to produce high-quality organic fertilizers to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. In addition, vermiculture can be a way to reduce organic wastes and become an alternative income source due to the demand for earthworm cast and also the earthworm itself.