Every three or four years the OIEC organizes a meeting of those responsible for Catholic education from all over the world. In New York, more than 80 countries were represented. A rare opportunity to live a great experience of international exchange.

During the Congress, the delegates commit the OIEC to strong orientations for Catholic education, in line with the message of Pope Francis. This is an opportunity to think together about new educational paths, the promise of a humanization of the world.

In a fraternal and universal atmosphere, the Congress makes it possible to experience a highlight, in a synodal atmosphere. We experience Jesus Christ living in our midst, and we celebrate all the blessings he has bestowed upon us. We carry all of our works in faith.

Objectives of the OIEC Congress

Build together the village of education.

At the last OIEC Congress held in New York in 2019, we sought the possible commitments of the world’s Catholic schools for the promotion of the civilization of Love. Now engaged in the Global Educational Pact launched by Pope Francis, we will meet in Marseille in December 2022 to continue the construction of the village of education, in connection with the contribution of each OIEC region (Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East), and in dialogue with educators of other faiths and religions.

For details and registration, please visit: https://en.congresdeloiec2022.com/