The Catholic University of Korea‘s (CUK) Welcome Mass for New Students of 2022″ was held on Wednesday the 2nd at the Immaculate Conception of B.V.M. Cathedral, commonly known as “Myeongdong Cathedral,” named after the famed hustle and bustle district of Seoul Capital City. Around 700 first-year students and parents attended the Mass presided by His Excellency, Most Rev. Peter Chung Soon-Taick, O.C.D., D.D., Archbishop of Archdiocese of Seoul. His Excellency is also the Catholic Education Foundation Deanery president. The Mass was also broadcast live on YouTube.

At the welcome Mass, Kim Yeon-ji (Pre-Medicine, ’22) took the oath of admission on behalf of 1,994 first-year students. Following the oath, Lim Ki-tae (Theologate,’ 22), Lee Dong-hoon (Medicine,’ 22), and Kim Yeon-ji (Pre-Medicine,’ 22) received awards and scholarships, each as a representative of their respective C.U. campuses.

In his homily, His Excellency commented, “The Catholic University of Korea takes pride in acquiring knowledge and skills to the fullest. Remember that C.U.K.’s motto is ‘Respect for Dignity of Human Life.’ Consequently, C.U.K. also takes pride in nurturing people with good character and spirituality in the Truth, adhering to the motto. Thus, I would encourage our students in the C.U.K. community to maximize developing their gifts and virtues in serving others in charity.”

The welcoming address was given by the president of C.U.K., Rev. Luke Jongchul Won, Ed.D. He remarked, “The Catholic University of Korea stands firm in supporting you unreservedly to help you achieve your goals. We expect you to become accountable and responsible, educated professionals – true to your very self, your family, and society at large. I hope you discover your talents and potentials and realize your hopes and dreams during the course of your college life.”

Meanwhile, only fully vaccinated individuals following the governmental pandemic protocols attended the Mass due to the heightened omicron variant wave.