The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) launched the ASEAN Energy Youth Awards 2023 in June 2023 with the theme “Advancing Energy Transition and Energy Security for Sustainable Development” to engage young people in advancing the APAEC Phase II: 2021-2025. The awards aim to inspire young individuals to promote sustainability through creative initiatives encompassing energy, affordability, clean energy, and community.

Students at the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC), Davao City, Philippines, emerged victorious at the ASEAN Energy Youth Awards 2023 with their outstanding Infographic and Video-Making entries.  The students garnered the following awards: In the high school individual entries, Sheryl Mae Emanel won the Champion in the Infographic poster category and Annika Mae Pasaje won First Runner-up in the Videomaking category; in group entries, Fiona Mafgarette Pamplona, Raine Chrystelle Paroco and Ysabelle Keisha Paroco won First Runner-up in the Infographic Poster category while MA. Cassandra Arapo, Denise Chloe Diokno and Klaudette Grace Sinsuat won the Champion for Videomarking. In the college individual entries, Ephole John Campomayor won the Champion for Infographic Posters.

Campomayor, a 3rd Year student studying Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, stated that his goal in the poster he made is to make his audience realize the importance of using renewable energy. His design choice of colors and assets came from his aspirations “to highlight the word ‘ASEAN’ and make an acronym out of it that will relate to this objective.” He adds, “With the design, I want to convey the essence of ‘natural resources and renewable energy’ and incorporate the color of ASEAN, including the national flags of the ASEAN member countries.” 

The victors from the Basic Education Department also shared overwhelming joy and honor. Despite not expecting to secure any wins among a competitive field of participants, they dedicated their utmost effort to produce results that reflected the quality education provided by UIC. Their achievements underscore the commitment of UIC to fostering excellence and providing students with opportunities to showcase their skills on a broader stage.

Source: UIC