By Kie Anna Cruz and Ella Mae De Asis

Kindness is only a word, until it is done. In hindsight, everyone has goodness, no matter how little, from within. Situations may bring out the worst in you, but choosing the other side of the road to be good will cost you nothing. Being good does not mean you are being kind. 

We have always heard the advice “Be Kind”; even Harry Styles’ motto is “Treat People with Kindness.” Then some claim that there are many good people, but only some are kind.

Kindness is a choice, but in this cruel world, it is a choice that we do not always make. 

So, what does it entail to be kind?

  1. Kindness is contagious. 

However, it must start with ourselves. As we practice kindness, we may discover that we are unlocking a part of ourselves as we connect with our emotions and feelings. This is an important part of connecting with ourselves and understanding ourselves.

  1. Make no distinction between whom you are kind to and whom you are not.

As we are all aware, each of us is confronted with challenges, whether visible or unseen. Make no distinctions between who should be treated with kindness, regardless of differences and who should not. It is a gift everybody can afford, and it is also a gift that everybody can receive. We rise not just by lifting ourselves, but we rise also by lifting others… and anytime is always the right time.

  1. Kindness comes in so many forms. 

Kindness is a spectrum. There are times when kindness can hurt. There are times when kindness can give us comfort and safety. There are times when we cannot feel kindness directly. Yet, we must know that it is present, just not always in the form we expect. 

  1. Feel good about it.

If we have a hard time being kind, try to remember to feel good about it. When we are in a good mood, the acts of kindness will occur more frequently and spread more positivity throughout us. When in doubt, let us be kind as frequently as possible, ideally every day, so that we can reap the benefits in terms of relationship quality and the pure satisfaction of having brought joy to another person’s life.

  1. Kindness is good for us in all aspects.

Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional benefit, not only is kindness an expression of love for others, but it signifies self-love as well. This claim is actually backed up by scientific research, as follows:

  1. Physical: According to Harvard Medicine, performing acts of kindness decreases stress, anxiety, and blood pressure levels and increases the production of hormones that promote well-being.
  2. Mental: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation states that performing or receiving kindness increases the production of hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, which are the hormones that keep one happy and well.
  3. Emotional: Any act of kindness will never be wasted. People find interactions and relationships that contain true kindness remarkable. Friendships that promote honesty and success may reveal more about our relationship than how our friends react to our lows.

Kindness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared. We all have it deep within us. It will always be present, from cheerful faces to cold-stone facades. This cruel world has all the problems we could and could not think of. The world is unfair, and sometimes life is very difficult. But hey, despite all of this, why not shed a little light on someone’s day? It costs nothing, but its impact can never have a price tag for what it is worth.

In the end, kindness truly prevails. Rekindle that kindness. Instill it within you. Everyone has it. Especially you.

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