Sofia Sorokina’s life took a dramatic turn when the Russia-Ukraine war started. She was forced to flee her home city of Kharkiv. 

Sofia, a second-year medical student at the time, had to navigate the chaos of war, making a harrowing escape from her city to Poland. The journey was filled with uncertainty and danger, but she knew she had to seize the opportunity. Securing two humanitarian visas and two airfares, Sofia entered Australia.

Not long after Sofia arrived in Australia, she was awarded the ACU Refugee Scholarship, designed for students with a refugee background, covering the full tuition costs of her undergraduate degree at ACU. This scholarship made it possible for her to pursue a Biomedical Science degree, a pathway to her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Sofia’s determination and gratitude are evident as she prepares for the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) in 2024. Her experience in Ukraine has taught her to appreciate each day and the opportunity she now has in Australia.

Sofia’s journey, from the terrors of war to pursuing her medical dreams, showcases the transformative power of education and the support offered by ACU’s Refugee Scholarship.

Source: ACU Impact