International Student Conference (ISC) on Global Citizenship is an annual event held by Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) that gathers international students from all over the world in a conference setting which combines class based activities in the form of lectures and workshops with field based activities in the form of site visits and cultural activities. Through ISC, participants are expected to gain knowledge on the topic from the series of lectures and workshops, express their thoughts in the discussions, put their knowledge into context through the site visits, experience Indonesian culture, and most importantly build their network. The conference’s keynote speakers and facilitators include academics and practitioners.

ISC has several objectives, as follows:

  1. Bring new perspectives among local and international communities. 
  2. To encourage and equip the participant with the right tools to help people overcome the challenges they are facing and provide them with a safer environment by ensuring everyone has equal rights and equal opportunities.
  3. To promote and provide knowledge about Indonesian culture and diversity to the international participants.
  4. To broaden their perspectives regarding the global issue and international problems, by providing them with our workshops, lectures and study visit program.

UNPAR through International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2023 brought the theme of “Inclusivity and Accessibility to Welfare and Sustainable Living After the Pandemic” to move forward and tackling the social struggles arising after the pandemic. Our goal is to build an inclusive social welfare that could benefit us all in rebuilding our lives after the pandemic. By identifying the problem and the struggles amongst the marginalized people, we hope to formulate the balance in rebuilding.

The International Student Conference 2023 will be held in Bandung, Indonesia on 3rd – 7th January 2023. Our speakers and facilitators will be those who is expertise on the topic. The participants are open for all international students around the world. 

The event has series of sessions around the topic, viz. Keynote Lecture, Workshop, and Final Presentation which discuss things from issue to solution. Also on this event, there is Cultural Activities and Site Visits such as Batik Making Class, Indonesia Folk Dance, and many more.

More information about ISC, can be found here: