As the FABC celebrates its 50 Anniversary this year, and has just convened a meeting in Thailand, (October 12-30, 2022) Assumption University of Thailand is proud to congratulate the FABC having worked closely with the various Offices or Commissions of the Federation through the 1980’s, 1990’s but more especially between the years 2005 and 2014 when the Assumption University Suvaranabhumi campus was the venue of no lesser than 13 meetings organized by the Commissions and Offices of the Clergy, Evangelization, Climate and Environment, the Eucharist and Family life and Social Communications.

The University’s King David Residence Hall ideally hosted the residency, dining and conferencing needs of the participants, while the University’s diverse and multi-religious staff comprising Office Directors, Divisional Heads, support staff and drivers helped facilitate the smooth operations of the meetings. The University’s Faculty members from the programs in Philosophy and Religion, Communication Arts and Management also interacted with select commissions on lay viewpoints.

Assumption University of Thailand managed and operated by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand felt privileged to host the FABC meetings as they further enhanced the interfaith dialog opportunities between the visiting clergy-delegates and administrators, and the University’s personnel while at the same time, inspired the University to further reach out beyond its academic community to other communities thereby increasing understanding and goodwill.  The memorable roles of  the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests as servant leaders signaled exemplars for the University Faculty and staff to structure their own attitudes and behaviors.

While Assumption University of Thailand’s services and facilities as a Catholic Higher Education institution in Thailand are often acclaimed far afield as in the Vatican,  the Philippines and elsewhere, the resonances of the FABC meeting experiences filled both participants and organizers with the joy and happiness of the Christian spirit, we are One in the Lord. 

Glen Chatelier

Director, The Office of International Affairs
Assumption University of Thailand