The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) participated in the recently concluded 36th International Conference & AUAP Annual Conference, held under the theme “Utilizing Institutional Assets to Enhance Global Outreach” from November  17 to 18, 2023, at Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The Conference provided a platform for researchers, developers, and educators to explore innovative solutions to emerging global challenges in higher education areas, focusing on healthcare procedures, nutrition supplements, environmental remedies, and software solutions. During the Conference’s MOU signing ceremony, Rev’d Prof. Stephen Morgan, representing ASEACCU as the Executive Secretary, inked a formal partnership with the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), as a remarkable step towards strengthening networks among higher education institutions across the Pacific and mutually expanding opportunities for members in the associations.

Specifically, the MOU outlined the basis for cooperation with a focus on strategic areas relevant for both organization, namely Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Leadership Development, Learning and Teaching, Technology Assimilation, Research and Innovation initiatives and for the two parties to engage in training, joint programs, sharing of best practices among their members, organization of events, enhancing institutional links, and contributing to the dynamic and cooperative development of the region’s higher education sector by mutually promoting each other services across Asia.

Founded in 1995, AUAP presently has over 170 regular members from 28 countries and territories as well as five associate members consisting of regional organizations based in four countries. AUAP aims to stimulate cooperation among universities, to contribute to the improvement of national systems of higher education, economic, social and human resources development, to foster mutual understanding and respect among people and  strengthen their institutional capacity to serve society. 

Source: AUAP | USJ News