By: Candy Alvarado, A Scholastican Parent-Alumna, Saint Scholastica’s College.

When asked what makes her a true Scholastican, my China Mei said, “I am a true Scholastican because I share what I have with others- my talents, my blessings like food and toys, my time, my smiles, and also…of course…my prayers!” Her young perspective of the essence of being nurtured by the “Ora et Labora” way of Benedictine education continues to deepen as she grows up under the loving guidance of the same alma mater that raised me, her mom. And as Scholasticans who come from different generations but continuously celebrate and share the same legacy of SSC Manila, we always bond through participating in our alma mater’s events and projects, with art and music activities as our favorites. 

In this Kulasa mom-and-daughter art collaboration, China expressed her ideas about how St. Scho teaches her the importance of being both a servant of God and a servant for others. From her first four years of growing up under the love and guidance of her dear teachers, she fondly recalls how much she enjoyed school activities, such as Christmas sharing, learning Bible stories in CLE class, Earth Day and nature activities, and the community day festivities in school in which everybody joins together as one family in prayer. She also expresses her awe of the One Billion Rising annual event, which she learned about and participated in for the first time last year, but only via online class, at least for now. She innocently asked me during her grade 1 year, “Mommy, Scholasticans have the power to do that? To help women in the world? Just by dancing together every year on One Billion Rising day? That’s cool! I am happy to be part of it, one of the billion. I love my school, Mommy. Thank you for ‘giving’ me your school.” 

As I see how her Scholastican ways, mindset, and values deepen as she grows, I become all the more proud of her as her mom and as a Scholastican who has always been aware of SSC’s strong stand for peace, justice, and women empowerment. I explained to China Mei my ideas about how I perceive the current theme of Benedictine Education, which is centered on serving the human person through one’s blessings and God-given talents. I also explained to her how Scholastican institutions across the country continue giving their steadfast support to our nation’s Catholic church through promoting Christ-centeredness and showing love for another. As we exchanged ideas and happy feelings about our dear SSC, we translated them into inspiring visuals and fused them into a symbolic artwork that shows how every Scholastican touches the lives of people and positively impacts her community and society. Our artwork’s message emanates from our Scholastican education, as we both know deep in our hearts that every Scholastican’s legacy lives on and is passed on from one generation to the next. 

That in All Things, God May Be Glorified!